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The travel fund

After a couple of months of pandemic unemployment, this month I've been so lucky to work a little bit. I had a couple of shootings and I decided to do something I've never done before: save money.

If you followed me for a while, you already know that I don't come from a rich family so I don't have savings, when I was born nobody opened me a bank account to collect money from the family (which is very common in Italy) and since I haven't been baptised I don't have gold or valuable presents in a vault. We don't even have a vault.

I see myself as a startup. I invest everything I have because I've nothing to lose, my life is a constant all in, sometimes I find myself with less than 10€ in my pocket but I feel ok because I tell myself: "don't worry, you've sown and you will soon see the result".

And, to be honest, I often see the results. When I'm broke, I always survive because I receive some job proposal. And when I don't receive a proposal, I create an initiative on Instagram and I raise some pocket money to pay the grocery store.

In any case, everything I earn goes on books, equipment, travels, and things that will help me to grow as a photographer. And photography could be very expensive.

But now is different. Now we're still in the middle of a pandemic, I'm not working as usual and what I miss the most is travelling. So I was thinking: "What if in a few months we will be able to take a flight again? What if I will be so broke to can't afford a flight?"

That could be a problem, so I decided to create a fund.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saving thousand of euros, at now I saved just 50€. But they are the first 50€, and even if it looks ridiculous, it means a lot for me. And I hope to save enough to take a flight as soon as we will be able to do it.

I need that.

I need to travel.

And I have to be sure to be able to do it, as soon as possible.

When I explained all this on Instagram, in less than a half-hour, somebody decided to contribute to this fund, sending me 20€ on BuyMeACoffee.

It really made my day, in less than half-hour my fund grew by 30% just because somebody understood what I said and felt so generous to take part in this experiment.

From today everything I will earn from BuyMeACoffee will be used for my first after-pandemic trip :) Click here!

And... Buying me a coffee you'll also join the supporters below


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