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Thanks for all the coffee

Hi everybody, long time no speak! I'm sorry but I'm fucking busy with a lot of things, that's why I'm not sharing a lot of shit anymore and that's why I decided to stop BuyMeACoffee monthly subscriptions.

Just to let you know what's going on:

I'm working a lot and this takes me a lot of effort, I don't have too much time to share as frequently as before my shit. Over the past two years, I worked more and more as a content creator for several food&beverage companies. I'm happy with that and sometimes I don't even consider it as a job.

Obviously, I still take a lot of everyday photos, but I don't have enough time to watch them, select them, and share them with you. I have months of pictures stuck in the archive. Why? Because I don't care. I care more about taking pictures, rather than editing them. And this is something new for me. Maybe, in the future, I will take all the pictures I took over the past years and I will make a book. But for now, what I really enjoy is shooting. No matter what.

Since I'm working a lot, I can't complain about my financial situation and I decided to shut down the BuyMeACoffee monthly subscriptions. I'm thankful to all the people who decided to donate on a monthly basis, you really helped me a lot. With your help we created this blog and the Travel Fund, we traveled and shared a lot of shit together, I've been able to develop something I really love. If you ever donated even just a single coffee to me over the past years, I wanna tell you a big GRAZIE.

The monthly subscriptions will be deleted, but I won't shut down BuyMeACoffee forever. From today BuyMeACoffee will work only for special initiatives, crowdfunding, and projects I can't really afford. The Travel Fund is still on, and the blog will remain online as well.

Thanks again :)


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