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It’s been a while

Hi everybody, I disappeared and I feel bad about that. I think about it almost every day, now I finally found five minutes to write this post and tell you what's going on. I’m in my studio, writing this, and I don’t know where to start. It’s been nine months since the last post, a lot of things happened and I won't bore you with a complete recap, so here's what:

How's going

I'm spending August in my hometown, which is a nice place to stay in the summer. I'm working a lot and don't have too much time to chill and do summer things, but it's nice anyway. I have a very intense calendar, but on October the first I will move to a secret location I really love and I will spend one (maybe two) months there taking pictures of the city. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

What's going on with [tʃotʃaˈriːa]

I'm still taking photos. I take photos and I store them on the hard drives, I rarely watch them. Since I realized that I don't really give a shit about Instagram likes, I don't feel the pressure to post and I just take photos. Well, to be honest, I'm not taking a lot of photos now because I'm very busy with the job. When you spend 12 hours a day working on commissioned photographs, you don't have enough mental clarity to work more on your own projects. Am I happy? I don't know, but I do it in order to save enough money to move in October and dedicate my energies to what I like the most: travel.

I've renovated my grandparent's house

After months of blasphemies hard work, I've officially finished the home renovation. It's been very fun, my grandparents would be proud of this. As you know, my grandmother passed away last year leaving me and my sister this home. Since I won't live here all the year but I have to pay the bills anyway, I put it on Airbnb. It will be available just for a few days\year, if you want the link send me an email!

I don't go to Rome as often as before

In April, me and my girlfriend Giulia were supposed to move to Sevilla for a few months. We had some bureaucratic problems and a couple of weeks before the move we realized that we can't do it. I was already looking for a flat, the flights, the job, and....She already left her apartment in Rome! I'ts been a very bad situation folks, we found ourselves in limbo! So... Since then, I go to Rome only if I have shootings and meetings. TBH I don't miss that city too much.

I'm working too much

My life is completely ruled by my job, I'm working on several campaigns for several clients, all involved in food and beverage. I love this job because I can eat and drink, but the more I work the more I think I need a pause. The food and beverage business in Italy is a crazy world.

About October:

As I said before, on October the first I will move with my girlfriend to a city I loved. It will be a surprise, but I know some of you already guessed where.

I wanna thank again all the BuyMeACoffee contributors, with your help I bought the flight and I paid the flat rent for one month. Thanks to the travel fund, last year I moved to Lisboa for two weeks. Since this year I worked enough to save some pocket money, I will be able to move for one (maybe two) month (s).


I add one mysterious photo of the city I will move in:


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