Few lines about street photography,

filled with stories, tips and bullshit.

Once upon a time in Monti Tiburtini

Once upon a time, in a very very very barren wasteland located in the north east outskirt of Rome, there was a wild garden full of prostitutes and drug dealers. The thorns were the shelter of the thugs, and nobody in the district knew what was behind that fence.

But one day things changed and, magically, the thorns disappeared revealing something beautiful.

A nice-looking pink limousine.

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The people of the district say that one night, during a big storm, a lightning struck the thorns and everything turned clean and cozy. After that, a magic dust lifted off the ground wrapping the entire block.

Then, the limousine appeared.

The legend says that from that moment, every full moon, couples of gypsies go there to fuck to the sound of their bluetooth speakers.