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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, I have a lot of wishes, I hardly know where to begin.

I certainly need a lot of money, a couple of bags full of cash could be a good start.

Then I would like to see capitalism destroyed. But hey, don't misunderstand me, I'm not proposing you a communist system. I just want you and your elves to theorize a new way to live together happily and peacefully. I know you can do that, I've seen you in a lot of commercials living that way.

I want you to take a stand on Israel, which is not a legitimate state.

I wanna stop hearing priests telling us how to have sex, how to handle pregnancy and how to do things they're not supposed to do in their life.

I don't wanna feel fully responsible for global warming while 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions.

I don't wanna see my generation depressed anymore. We're underpaid and overworked. We can't afford a loan, we can't buy a house, we can't build a family. We can't build anything, because people on the top of this fucking world are too busy to exploit our generation taking advantage of the value of our labour.

I wanna you to stop: the cult of tradition, the cult of action for action's sake, fear of difference, populism, condemnation of nonstandard habits, rejection of modernism, fake news, the science of don't believe in science and the unpleasant french waiters in Paris.

Last but not least: I wanna see the original Santa.

The Santa I've met was actually a plumber disguised as you.

(I have a lot of wishes more, but I'll save them for next year)