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When the pc dies

After seven years of distinguished career, travelling trough several countries, working for countless clients and projects... My MacBookPro is dead. May he rest in peace.

I still have to deliver two shootings and a catalogue, my sd cards are almost full, I received an inquiry for the next week. I need a computer, without it I can't work (so i can't earn money) and I can't continue my projects.

So I've bought a new one wasting all my savings. A brand new MacBook Pro wich turn my financial situation from I have enough to survive without problems to broke as fuck.

This could be a very hard summer for Jacopo Rufo, but I don't give up...

So what? So I decided to start a summer sale! From today for the next few days you can purchase nine new photos, printed on a very bright and clear Fujifilm Crystal Archive DPII, signed and numbered, with a 80% discount!

Purchasing these prints you'll help me raising money to work better :)

Check it out!

Click here!

- It's part of life to have obstacles. It's about overcoming obstacles; that's the key to happiness - Herbie Hancock

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