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This is (not) a sponsored post

Saal Digital gave me a 100€ voucher to test their professional line photobook. I'm not used to sponsoring products here, and I'm not starting now, so this is exactly what happened:

A guy from Saal sent me an email offering a collaboration. Give a look to their website and you'll notice that everything looks quite professional and expensive. I already knew them, and I knew that they have professional line products I was very curious to test.

I asked for a 300€ voucher to print three books. He offered 100€, no more. What stingy, I thought, but I accepted anyway because... it's actually for free.

I decided to spend most of the 100€ voucher in one product: Photo Book Professional Line. 34 pages, 30x21 cm, full colour, hardcover, = 82,15€. Sounds expensive? Well, it could be. But it looks so professional and, in this case, it's for free so... Who cares?.

Since I've just launched my last book I thought I could print the copy "0" with them changing the cover, so I created a new project on Indesign just for this collaboration.

The new cover, created for SAAL

The standards required by Saal are very messy and bad explained, but I did it anyway. Furthermore, it's not possible to print on the back cover and on the spine, because everything will be covered with black leather. Or white leather, or stuff like this. You can choose it.

After a few weeks, the book was actually ready for the print, so I sent an email to the support centre because I wasn't sure about some settings I was using. They answered quickly and professionally, but... They told me that don't accept PDF I'm obliged to use their own software. This service is not available in my country yet, it will be available "soon", but at the moment I have to use a dumb software to edit an 80€ book.


Ridiculous. You're selling books for 80€ (and more) and I'm supposed to edit it on your own software, which is certainly a "normie" software compared to Indesign? And I've just lost weeks editing something you can't fucking print?!?

I was as angry as a cornered possum.

This is how the Saal Software looks like

I said: ok, let's try it. I've started using their own software, which is bad. I mean, it works well if you're editing your stupid holidays in Formentera, but for me, it's not enough and in a couple of days I was about to give up again.

Then I thought: I could export all the pages of the Indesign project in Jpeg with a veeery high resolution (like three times required), and add all the jpegs in the Saal software at full page. It was tricky and risky, but it apparently worked.

I still had 20€ to spend. Even if I've already tested their printing service several times, I decided to print a fine art print (a 30x40cm colour photo printed on Baryta. Price: 13€). This took me a few seconds.