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The Useless Countdown

When I started The Useless Countdown one year ago I didn't know what to do with it. I was just curious to know whether I can set up a 12 months countdown on Instagram. A lot of people turned on the notification, so now I have to write something about it.

12 months is a huge amount of time, considering the internet standards we are used to. Setting a 12 months countdown generated a pretty big expectation and doesn't matter if the countdown was deliberately Useless.

And that's exactly the point of it: the expectation of something is way more intriguing than the result, especially on social media. Every day we scroll mindlessly our social media looking for immediate gratifications that will never satisfy our emotional hungry, like a pensioner in front of a slot machine.

The Useless Countdown started as an experiment and ended like an epitaph: "Your expectation will never be fully satisfied". Nothing special will happen today, you won't receive the reward you hoped for months. Nothing, just this post. And... Another countdown.

The Useless Countdown n° 2.