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The Uninteresting Project

I wrote this post more than one week ago, then I forgot to press the "publish" button.

Welcome to The Uninteresting Project.

What I will show you on Instagram in the following days is the result of the past year of photography and study. This kind of content won’t receive the “like bukkake” I’ve been used to receiving till now, but I really don’t care.

To be honest, I’m somehow happy to share something so unsuccessful.

Some of the photos you’ll see have already been posted, but I don’t care. Over the past weeks, I tried to build up the structure of this project, adding some notes I’ve produced thanks to the study of some great authors I really recommend: Flusser, Galimberti, Pennac, Barthes, Berger, Marra, Benjamin, and so on.

Since the “social impact” of these photos is very low, most of you won’t see or read my posts on Instagram, some of you will unfollow me and a few of you will unsubscribe from BuyMeACoffee so… If you understand what I’ve tried to explain with this post, share my next photos with the people you care about. Don’t share them (and unfollow me now) if you don’t understand it or you find it just “mental gymnastics”.

Furthermore, what you will see on Instagram is just an imitation of the original photographs I printed. Every time you see my photographs, remember that. Remember that you’re watching a copy of a copy.

I hope most of you will understand. And no matter if some of you won’t. If you want to send me a message, I would be really glad to reply.

I love you all anyway :)