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The uninteresting post

I always thought that when you say something you first have to be sure that what you're saying is somehow interesting. Imagine if a stranger approaches you in the street, and he tells you something very uninteresting. Something that doesn't add anything to your life, a trivial message that you would probably ignore otherwise. It could be annoying, isn't it?

Well, I always considered the practice of saying something uninteresting as a very bad habit. It implies a lack of respect for the one who's listening to you, increasing the "uninteresting pollution" we struggle against every day.

And I've always tried to bring these concepts into my photos. Every time I post a photograph I tell myself: is it interesting? does it worth it? is it a meaningful photograph? Most of the time the answer is: no. There's nothing interesting in it, nothing is happening, there are no meanings. And I don't post that photo. Beware: I take the photo anyway, I just don't share it with people.

That's actually my motivation. It helps me to push myself further, to go where things happen, to wake up early in the morning, and try to take a good photograph. But now, something has changed. Now, it's different. Now I'm far from where the interesting things happen, I'm far from the things that have interested me and the people who follow me for a while.

So what? So I'm trying to adapt to a very different environment, and to do so I'm learning a completely new language. And sometimes I hate myself because I think that I became what I hated for a long time: a self-referential image-maker. Somebody who has not much to say. Somebody who tries to fill this substance gap through a sophisticated language, understandable only from people who know it. You know... like art but without any message.

I have to be honest with you: All these photos are just a desperate try to fill this gap. What I'm doing now is try to work more on the meaningful ones.

I will show you more soon :)


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