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The shooter


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Remember three weeks ago I was dealing with somebody shooting to birds from his window? I decided to not share on Instagram all the news about the shooter because it was turning obsessive and risky. Anyway, I decided to share with you what I wrote in my notes.

17 April, late evening: a crow's lifeless on the ground, a couple of passengers are pointing at the building in front of mine, they are calling the cops. In less than five minutes cops arrive, they see the crow on the ground, one of them is chatting with people at the windows. I haven't heard anything because I was in the elevator, coming back to the flat from the terrace. If somebody has shot with a gun, he has done it when I was in the elevator. My "flatmate" told me he heard something like a gunshot. Since I know people in the building in front, I immediately called one of them and asked what was going on. They told me somebody has shot to the crow, but this is all they know about it. Cops went to check the building, without a search warrant they can't do much. The streets are empty, everything is quiet. We're in the middle of the lockdown.

18 April, early in the morning: I watch out of the window, there's another dead crow on the top of the gasoline station. I go to the gas station, which is open just in the morning, to ask some questions about what happened the day before and what do they know about this story. I know them, they trust me enough to tell me the truth. They tell me who's the shooter and that this is not the first time, they added that he's a strange person, he rarely leaves the flat. He started last summer and since then he has shot several birds. Crows, parrots, swallows, etc. They also told me he's probably using an air rifle, maybe a lightweight break barrel. It could kill a person, I've already used one of these. This kind of rifles are freely sold in Italy, and also cheap. The guys added that he shoots whenever he wants, no matter if it's 10 am or late at night. From this moment I started an intense stakeout.

19 April, morning: I called a friend of mine, who's a cop, and he told me that if I call the cops they can't do so much, I need evidence. So I took several pictures, includin one with him shooting with sling (I'm not sharing this photo for obvious reasons), but no one with the ...

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