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The annual report

The Ministry of Financial Surviving of the Free Photographic Republic of Jacopo rufo's publishing the very first annual report about What did I do with the coffees you bought me over the past year.

If you followed me on the IG stories you already know that from now, all the donations that will come from BuyMeACoffee will be invested in a trip, the first post-pandemic trip ever. But you may be interested in how I spent the donation received over the past 12 months, so... Here we go!

This year you bought me something like 140 coffees: enough to get a heart attack. These coffees correspond to 560€: 320 € from supporters and 240€ from monthly members. If you've supported me over the past 12 month and you're reading this, I wanna tell you a big T H A N K Y O U!

But... What did I do with this money? I perfectly know what I did with this money because the BuyMeACoffee account is linked with a bank account I created just for this and I don't use for anything else. Well... When I'm about to starve, as I did over the first quarantine in Rome, I take something to pay the grocery store, but I always, and I repeat: A L W A Y S put them back as soon as I can.


Thanks to your donations I paid:

1 - WIX Premium subscription plan (one year) for this website with a lot of plugins. There are no ads everywhere or annoying pop-ups, and you can see a lot of things more, like the blog. 130€

2 - A 1 year almost unlimited mobile data plan, so I can upload, download and share a lot of videos and stuff you can see around. I spent something like 120gb\month on mobile just to move photos. 150€

3 - Some basic equipment I really needed, like a light tripod (mine has left me months ago after 10 years of honourable service). I bought a very basic Manfrotto. I also bought a Lexar Professional 1667X 64Gb because since I changed camera I have to manage tons of Giga. 180€

3 + 1 - One year of Spotify Premium, so when I listen to music without ads, it's thank to you. Ok, ok... Music is not strictly related to photography, but believe me: some of the photos you've seen on Instagram has a music reference. And I listen to hours of music every day. I will soon release some playlist :) 99€


So, this is what I've been able to pay with thanks to your help:








As you can see, buying a coffee is a simple action, but the result of this simple action could have big consequences.

A G A I N: If you've bought me a coffee and you're reading this, be proud. You helped somebody who's trying to do something for everybody: photographs.

Happy new year btw :)


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