Few lines about street photography,

filled with stories, tips and bullshit.

Ten (+1) tips to improve your street skills!

When I asked on Instagram what you would like to read on this blog one of the most frequent answer was: tips to improve the skills in street photography. So... Here we are family!

1) Don't hesitate. Photography is the carpe diem medium, if you loose your chance it will never come back.

street photography beijing

2) Never leave your camera at home. Live in symbiosis with your camera and you'll improve your technical skills!

street photography barcelona

3) Get close. As Robert Capa said.

street photography roma

4) Be respectful as much as you can. And don't forget to smile.

street photography italia

5) Tell stories. There is a difference between a good photo and a beautiful photo: a good photo always tells a story.

street photography barcellona

6) More books, less gears. If is true that we are what we eat, we also shoot what we've seen. A good visual diet is necessary to develop a good photography.

Jacopo Rufo

7) Talk to strangers. Listen to their stories, everybody has something to say!

street photography barcellona