Few lines about street photography,

filled with stories, tips and bullshit.

Deal with you fears, my dear.

The first barrier that you have to cross when you decide to take pictures on the street is the fear of people's reactions. We are afraid of people's reactions because we think we're doing something bad, we're forcing a stranger to play a game in which he\she has no power, for an apparently frivolous reason.

Street photography beijing

Three things you must remember every time you're taking pictures of strangers:

1) The end justifies the means. If you have a good scene in front of you but the price of your photo is the risk of a bad reaction do it anyway. The bad reaction will disappear in few minutes, the photo remains forever!

Dublin, abortion dublin, abortion ireland, Jacopo Rufo
Dublin, 2018. She yelled at me after this shot.

2) If you feel afraid your subject will feel it as well, and if he feels afraid he cannot have a good reaction. Stay calm, be confident and act as if you're not hurting anybody.

street photography italia
Salerno, 2016. I just went in front of this guy in a very calm and polite way, this is the result.

3) Somebody will insult you anyway. It's impossible to do street photography and avoid all the bad reactions. It could happen at any moment so, don't worry. Just try to be ready for the bad reaction, sometimes it could even be interesting :)

street photography beijing

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