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filled with stories, tips and bullshit.

Captain speaking

So it's true. I launched a blog. Since I'm not very talented with words, especially for introductions, I though it was a good idea to ask to a friend of mine to interview me.

Hi Jacopo, how are you?

So what? It's ridiculous that you launched a blog in 2019! What's wrong with you, nostalgic of MySpace?

Ok. Are you planning to fill this blog with bad words and smut?

You know that you have no clue about writing?

Don't you think that the superiority of the modern art is based on the fact that, by retreating into the realm of irreality, it invades the limbo sphere of the subconscious mind?

Anyway... Why are you doing it? Nobody will care about this blog.

Ok, I pity you. You said that I can offer you a coffee to support this project, right?

Ok, I've something better to do now, bye.

Photos and questions: Filippo Saluomo