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Quarantine questionnaire

A couple of weeks ago Sarah Barker sent me a questionnaire about the quarantine. Since I think this could be interesting for you, we decided to share it here.

Where were you for Phase 1 of the pandemic?

I spent the whole phase one in Rome, in a shared flat. The flat is located between San Lorenzo and Pigneto. I don't live there but I got suck after the lockdown.

Did you consider changing locations when the isolation period was beginning?

Yes, but it was impossible and also quite stupid if you consider that you could spread the virus with you.

Looking back at Phase 1, how do think the impact of the virus has been managed in Italy thus far?

I think I don't have enough knowledge to give complete feedback. I think we have faced something so new that almost everything has been improvised. I can't judge something so unexpected, so new, but I think Giuseppe Conte (prime minister) has managed quite well the communication, he has been able to give strength and hope to people, convincing most of the population to accept the situation and go ahead. Obviously, they also have taken bad decisions but facing something so unexpected everybody could fail. Humans are supposed to make errors and learn from them. We learned a lot, and our case has been very important to other countries.

In your perception have people listened to the measures put in place by officials, either nationally or regionally – in Italy?

I think we did a good job. Of course, we've been bombarded with images of people breaking the rules, but this is just normal, a bad new is always good new for TVs and newspapers. Numbers showed that we did a good job, and that's enough.

Have these measures made you feel safe in your daily life during quarantine?

If you're obliged to stay at home, being safe is just obvious. The problem was about hospitals and emergencies, that was something to worry about. A lot of people died in hospitals so, as long as you stay at home everything is safe.

How did the quarantine affect your daily routine?

I don’t have a routine, I’m a freelancer, my daily life is always different,over the last years I definitely learned how to manage my time day by day. I’m also used to travel and work everywhere I go, so I can adapt easily to a lot of different situations. What I really missed was walking. I’m used to walking a lot, to explore cities, and being trapped at home has been quite annoying sometimes. But I think I filled that void taking pictures, producing the book, sharing stories on social media. I also like sport, and that was something I haven’t been able to replace with anything. You can’t play soccer in your bedroom.

What became the unexpected highlights and negatives of your days in quarantine?

I realised that the more you observe something, the more you discover. I spent the whole quarantine observing the world outside from the windows and the terrace, even if there was a lockdown, a lot of things happened around the building. The negative side is the risk to become obsessed with it.

How have those you are in contact with coped with quarantine?

Everybody had a different approach to quarantine. I think it mostly depends if you’re alone, where you are, how your relatives and friends are living the situation. We are mirrors, especially if we are stuck in the same situation.

Has online communication helped in your experience of quarantine?