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My first workshop!

Ok folks, my first workshop's in one week and I'm quite nervous. I'm trying to piece together what I would like to communicate. I'm digging up books, photos and documentaries. I've actually exhumed all the books I studied during University!

The watchword is only one: interaction.

I hate conferences. I hate when there's somebody talking and everybody is obliged to listen. Last week I've been at a very important conference about Gabriele Basilico, at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome, and it was boring as fuck. People were actually sleeping.

I think we now have all the tools we need to interact with people, being boring in front of an audience is just inexcusable.

The interaction implies an involvement from the audience, an exchange between the speaker and the audience. Interacting is learning. From both sides.

At the end of this workshop (let's say at 17:30) I will do something I've already done in Istanbul: a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION. I will set up a couple of flashes, a grey background, and I will take portraits. FOR FREE!



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