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My first post-pandemic trip

I know, I know, we still are in a pandemic, but it seems we all have this feeling that covid-19 si over. The vaccinations are going good, I have my green pass and I finally reserved a flight.

Am I excited? YES, I AM!

In a couple of days, I will land in a very famous city in Europe.

I'm not telling you which one is, it will be a surprise.

I also have good news for you: Do you remember the travel fund? Well, We collected 320€, enough to buy the flight and cover some of the expenses I will have.

I wanna give you something in exchange, to thank your generosity. All the people who donated with Buy Me a Coffee over the past ten months will receive a postcard made by me in the city I'm about to visit.

Thank you, folks. I haven't been around Instagram over the past months, but I'm very happy that you've never stopped the donations.


If you want to receive a postcard but haven't donated yet, click here!


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