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My everyday camera

Fuji X100s honest review
Fuji X100S

I know, I know. It's not the latest camera on the market and reviews are boring. What I'm going to write now is not about specs, but what I think about the camera I bring with me h24 seven days a week.

I've bought it one year ago, it was already old. I don't even know how many megapixels it has, I have to check on internet: 16.3 mp.

At the time, somebody also told me to don't buy it because it was already old. But hey, who cares, if it works well I don't give a shit.

I'm quite rough with her. I mean the camera. But she seems to be strong enough. It's made of metal, maybe aluminium. The dust doesn't go on the sensor because the lens is unchangeable, perfect for my dirty jacket pockets full of trash, micro fragments of materials impossible to recognize anymore and various shit.

Fuji X100s honest review
Look how dirty is the viewfinder

It's a fast camera. For somebody like me, grown up with analogic cameras, the possibility to change the shutter speed and the aperture with two rings makes everything veeery easy and fast.

Fuji X100s honest review

The feeling is good.

You know, it's something I carry with me every day, every hour, almost every minute of my daily life. For something you have to constantly deal with, the feeling is very important. And it fits perfectly in my hands, I can leave it wherever I want, it's light and strong, the metal is solid and cold.

I like it.

Fujifilm should pay me for what I just said.

Fuji X100s honest review

What I don't like is the shutter button, which is made of cheap plastic. And I hate that. An also the button to choose af\mf is made of cheap plastic. This is quite annoying if you have OCDC.

What's your fucking problem Fuji? You stingy!!!

Fuji X100s honest review

Fuji X100s honest review

The lens is a 35 mm (23mm cropped), f2, the shutter is in the lens. The sensor works well also at 2000 iso. The dynamic range is quite good, which is the most important thing. The quality of the photo you can take with this camera is enough, far from the professional reflex I use to work with.

You can't analyze the eyebrows on your portraits but WHOTHEFUCKNEEDTOANALYZEEYEBROWS?

Anyway, I think 16mp are ok. I can print a 30x40 photo without problems so, who cares?

Fuji X100s honest review
These photos are taken with a smartphone. Just saying...

Another thing I really hate is the buttons. Half of them, in my opinion, is just useless. I would really prefer another ring for the Iso rather than buttons. But my opinion doesn't matter, I'm that kind of photographer who would also remove the monitor.

I dream a fucking digital camera with just three simple rings: shutter, aperture and iso. No buttons, no nothing.

But it seems digital people are too obsessed with settings, so...

Fuji X100s honest review

Anyway, I must be grateful to this camera, she's always there, ready to shot. Well, not always ready, sometimes she needs some seconds to react, but she's ok.

I treat her badly, but she's thick.

The quality is ok, most of the photos you've seen on my Instagram come from this tin can.

It's small, fast, easy to use, silent, you can literally shot at 30cm from your subject face without being noticed, it looks so old that people think it's a film camera and you're just another stupid hipster not converted to the new alternative trends.



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