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Istanbul (pt. IV)

So, here we are... This is my last week here. I'm quite sad to leave this city, I was just getting into it and I'm convinced that one month is not enough. Anyway... As I told you last week I moved to Fatih, which is a very interesting district. I'll tell you why.

Fatih mosque
The view from my room in Fatih

Fatih's a good compromise between internal tourism and local people. Before my arrival I was almost sure that it couldn't be very interesting, that's why I reserved an apartment here just for few days. But after the first night I realised that, for me, it's maybe one of the most intriguing part of this city.

Street photography istanbul

Streets are full of people. It's the first time that I can feel that I'm in a 20 million people city. I've spent a couple of nights in this crossroad and it was very challenging. Maybe one of the most challenging crossroad I've ever experienced in my life.

jacopo rufo istanbul

Also, late at night, when the streets get empty, you can see some authentic scenes. I think that if I could come back in time, I would probably go out to take pictures just between 22:00 and 05:00 am.

Street photography istanbul

One night I was walking in a park when I see a guy, a teenager, taking pictures of a tree. It was a very weird situation, I was sure he was taking pictures of a cat, or maybe a bird. But when I approached him I realised that... He was taking pictures of another guy..

Reportage Jacopo Rufo

It's the first time I connect with teenagers. I was very curious about how they live this city, what's their routine, what are their dreams and nightmares. I tried to talk with them in English, but they speak just few words. Anyway, I took a picture of them. A picture you maybe don't like, but I'm posting it anyway because I like it :)

Reportage Jacopo Rufo

Another think I really love about this city is the mix of lights you can see. Warm light and cold light is always mixed, and sometimes it creates acid combinations.

Street photography istanbul

In Fatih I experienced the beginning of Ramadan. I also tried it (as you can read on my Facebook page). Spoiler: at 15:00 I shamefully gave up and I ate a dish of meat and salad.

The first night of Ramadan I heard a very strong drum roll and I woke up scared. When I looked out of the window I realised that there was a man playing the drum. At first I didn't understand, but then I realised that this man was a Ramadan drummer.