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How to manage a bad reaction

street photography jacopo rufo

Well, well, well... It seems that you're going to annoy people! You brat!

"Hey, why you took me a photo?!? Delete it now or I call the cops motherfucker!", "What are you doing?!? Delete it or I smash your camera!". These are just some of the phrases you're used to hear when you're taking pictures in the streets.

Here are some (not so serious) tips to manage this kind of reactions:

- Tell them the truth, if they still attack you, say you're sorry, tell them that you're deleting the photos, push some random buttons on the camera and act like everything's ok.

- Tell them what they want to hear. Example: If a butcher reacts violently to you, tell him\her that you're working for the International Butchers Magazine and he\she could be the new king of the butchers.

- Act like a dumb, talk like a retarded, make them feel uncomfortable and ashamed to be violent to a handicapped. I know, it's not politically correct, but if you're reading this post you are probably a scumbag.

- Speak another language. Or improvise a made-up language.

- Tell him\her that you were taking photos of the building and you haven't noticed him\her. Then ask for apologies.

- Tell him\her that his\her wife\husband is paying you to tail him\her (not recommended)

- Look in your subjects eyes and say loudly I LOVE YOU. Then run like a rabbit.

- Be gentle, nice and try to understand what's in your subject mind. Forget all the solutions I listed in this post. The only thing you have to remember is that people deserve respect and even if sometimes the situation could degenerate, you should always stay calm and try not to annoy people. We're human, after all.

street photography jacopo rufo


Many years ago, when I was writing my degree thesis, I found this video made for the London Street Photography Festival.



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