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Family album (Pt I)

I'm digitalising my family albums so I though it could be nice to share with you some of my family memories :)

She's my mother. She became pregnant at 17 years old.

This is my father with my sister (1981 approx.)

(Now I know why my sister grew up so disturbed)

They were living in a wooden house in the middle of a wood.

What was I saying about my disturbed sister?

Then, on October 31st 1990, somebody delivered a box to my parent's house, and I came out.

And it was just... ok.

I must admit that I was a quiet child

Sometimes introvert

But already curious

At that time I was living on a tree house

I haven't been to the kindergarten so I grew up with dogs, cats, goats, gooses, rabbits, chickens, mouses, and even some weird exotic animals. But the best was Julius, a 80kg rottweiler.

I'm still asking myself why this photo

I was born on halloween, my birthday parties have always been costumes parties

(I'm sharing this photo of my ninth birthday just because all my childhood friends will recognise themselves and they will feel happy)

Anyway, after that I grew up and I became a bad person so for now I stop this post here. This is my family. I hope you enjoyed this little slice of life.

If you like it, I will probably continue this story :)



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