Few lines about street photography,

filled with stories, tips and bullshit.

And suddenly, I'm 30 years old

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. I dont need gifts, all I need is coffee!

I'm 30 now, I could demonstrate my maturity with a notsofunny list of jokes about turning 30, but... But I feel quite magnanimous today so I decided to share with you something better.

I decided to share with you my memories.

This is probably the last photo I have with a normal face. From 2005 to 2015 most of my photos will depict me like a guy with some serious problems.

In the last episode (two years ago) I showed you my family album. Today I would like to celebrate my 30th birthday continuing this tradition, starting with adolescence.

I had a quite troubled adolescence, my parents have always been quite permissive so I got to learn how to manage myself making a lot of mistakes. I've never been to jail, but I've been quite frequently at the hospital. Thanks to a very creative circle of friends, I've done some weird things I would like to show you. The worst will not be posted here, you will find some shit more on my private diary. If you wanna accede to the private diary click here and become a member!

Anyway... let's start in 2005, I'm a 15 years old art student. Smartphones weren't so smart, the internet was still expensive, and we just discovered alcohol and cigarettes.

I'm the one on the right. From left: Fabrizio Pesce, Mattia Cucchi

I had a very interesting circle of friends. From left: Simone Cucchi, totally insane and a little bit impulsive. Fabrizio Pesce, the Young Promise. Me (with the green shirt on the right) and Riccardo Cucchi, which was a complete criminal. Simone's now in Dublin, somebody told me he's a normal person but I don't believe them. Fabrizio lives in Liverpool with his amazing future wife and Riccardo is now a bus driver in Dublin.

The day we found some Peruvian clothes abandoned on the street

This is a rare document of our life at that time. I'm the one with white jeans. Turn the audio on to get a full experience.

In our friend's circle, there were also adult people, most of them were special people, alcohol lovers, unusual characters. One of them was Guido the Emperor. Sometimes I think that I can easily create an immediate connection with weird people because I actually grew up with them.

Guido the Emperor and Patrizio Gazzo Pirolli

Life in small villages could be very boring for a teenager, we were always finding something to do, like ride bins on steep descents. Unfortunately, the video quality was a complete disaster, I recommend to put the audio on for no reason.

We actually rode several things over the years. From advertising boards to traffic signs.

Since my family has never been rich enough to afford a holiday, I spent most of my adolescence in my village. I spent my summers with the guys of my village doing all sort of thing, like play in the putrid public swimming pool.

During the summer, my village is full of people. All the emigrants come back for the festa patronale. It means that every summer we were a big group of teenagers. I'm the one who that slap the girl with the yellow t-shirt in the face (00:17 sec)

One of the best, in terms of entertainment, was Simone Cucchi. He had a very sophisticated and fancy way to makes you laugh.

I was so thin that I could pass through the bars of a gate, and I wore that jacket for at least 7 years. I clearly remember that jacket, my sister (who is 10 years older than me) gave it to me even if it was a couple of sizes more than mine.