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A calendar made by you, for you

We can’t travel, let’s face it.

I spent the past days browsing my archive like a maniac in a desperate attempt to fill the void, to ignore the bitter prospect of a year stuck. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I asked in the stories what can we do with this archive, the best answer came from Nicola, the one who always vote "no" to all my pools. Nicola proposed something as simple as effective: a calendar! A selection of 12 photos to compensate for the inability to travel.

So, listen here: I will post loads of photos related to a certain project or a certain city, you will be able to choose the photo you like the most writing the number in the comments. If you share that photo in your stories, your vote will count double (don’t forget to tag me, so I know you shared it!).

The top favourite will be printed on the calendar.

Rome, Barcelona, Beijing, Budapest, Bruxelles, Dublin, Siviglia, Malmo, Salerno, Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Paris, Beograd, are just some of the places I will show you for the next weeks.

To get the calendar (limited-time promo) click here. It will be ready at the end of November, printed and shipped the first week of December. You should receive it before Christmas, and it will last 12months, which is actually one whole full complete entire year CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

The selection started today on my IG :)




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