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7 reasons to hire a pro photographer for your business

Your cousin has bought a brand new camera? Good for him, now let's get serious. I'm going to list seven reasons to hire a professional photographer for your business.

1) Your media represent your business. Which means that if your photos are shitty, your brand looks shitty and nobody will trust you. If your photographs are professional, your brand looks professional and people will trust you.

2) Hire a professional photographer is an investment. The main aim of the commercial photographer is to boost your business with photographs. The aim of the amateur is to take nice pictures to pick up girls at parties.

3) Photographs are pocket-sized experiences. Long gone are the days of our customers simply buying products and services based on price or on the product or service alone. What we buy today is just one thing: experiences. A professional photographer has the skills to create a positive customer perception combined with an unforgettable experience, generating a loyal and healthy business.
Gianni hunting truffles, for Truffle Italia (The finest truffle community around the world). Click on the image to see the shooting.

4) Photographs permit you to cheat. I know, I know, it sounds like a scam, but it's not. It is all about perception and how you make the customers feel when they purchase your product or service. With photographs, you have more scope to present your business at its best.

5) A good photo is worth a thousand words. Photographs are immediate, good photos are immediately effective. If you need to convince somebody to buy a product or a service there's nothing better than a stunning picture.
Cover album for "Se invece di sbattere gli occhi", music release. Click on the image to see the full artwork.

6) Visual solution providing. You have a concept you want to translate in an image? Do you want to convey a specific emotion? You want to express something but you can't find the words? I've got a solution for you.

7) A professional photographer has everything you need. I'm not talking just about equipment, which is something everybody can get spending (a lot of) money. I'm talking about experience, education, timeliness, quality control from start to finish.
A picture of me at the beginning of my career. Credit: my father. Click on the image to see my portfolio.


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