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Hi, thanks for checking in!

When I first discovered the NFTs market I was sitting on the toilet seat. I discovered it through Opensea, which is the biggest platform for NFTs market. After exploring many projects, the first thing I thought was: “WOW THIS BUSINESS IS FULL OF GARBAGE!”  and I immediately tried to understand what the fuck was going on, and how does it work.


Googling things like “How does NFTs work” most of the answers I found included the pollution topic. NFTs (well… Blockchains in general) produce a crazy amount of CO2, and when you buy or sell an NFT you could be asked to pay a Gas Fee. Another WOW came out of my mouth, I just realized that this online market full of garbage is also contributing to destroying our real-life planet.

Believe me, I spent hours and hours on a toilet seat analyzing what kind of project I could create about this paradox. I made some research in my field: photography. If the illustration world has immediately created collections strictly designed for the NFTs market, photographers have just dropped their instagrammable archives on the many platforms without caring too much about it.


Then, one day, when I was leaving a long piece of shit in a random bathroom in a gas station out of the highway, I had the idea: LET’S CREATE A PROPER GARBAGE COLLECTION! 

Soon after I started taking pictures of garbage. A lot of pictures of garbage. Like hundreds. And I realized that it's quite simple because some people are shameless and finding garbage on the street is as easy as creating hundreds of stupid avatars. Furthermore, garbage is the result of our wellness illusion, exactly as avatars.

But what really excited me about this project is that by purchasing a Piece of Garbage you are effectively helping to develop a market already saturated with digital trash, harmful and environmentally destructive. The only difference between my project and other projects is that my collection doesn't lie. you get exactly what you see: authentic, genuine, proper garbage found on the streets. 

Just summing it up: This project exposes the pollution paradox in Crypto Art, and the legacy and footprints that no Artists want to leave behind. To me, this is a win-win strategy: if nobody buys a Piece of Garbage, I feel very happy because nobody’s confirming the paradox. If somebody buys a Piece of Garbage, it confirms the paradox.



  • The collection starts with 99 Pieces of Garbage

  • Every weekend I will drop some new Pieces of Garbage.

  • Stay tuned coz I will also drop weird Pieces of Garbage randomly.

  • I will only drop new Pieces of Garbage while seated on the toilet seat, I would be happy if you think about it when you see a new Piece of Garbage here.

  • Investing in a Piece of Garbage you have free access to The Private Landfill, a dirty community where you can get succulent news about the future of this filthy project.

  • As soon as I sell the first 50 Pieces of Garbage I will drop a ridiculous amount of new garbage in the collection.

  • Some Pieces of Garbage have benefits!

Be truthful to yourself, invest in a Piece of Garbage!

And share this collection with people you love, let the garbage invade the metaverse!

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