Discover the craziest city in Italy 

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A big thanks + private diary
This is a pure demonstration of generosity, you won't receive anything but a big thank you via email and free access to my private diary!
9,00 €
15,00 €
I'm really fascinated by postcards and I always wanted to make some with my photos. This is the perfect opportunity! Donating here, you'll receive a postcard made by me with one of the photos you'll see on my channels, with a dedication. You'll also receive free access to my private diary for one month!
A crazy postcard made by me!
14,00 €
19,00 €
I will take several photos in Naples, the very best will be printed ( (13x18 cm - Fuji Crystal Archive DPII). You will receive three printed photos, one crazy postcard and free access to my private diary! 
19,00 €
3 Prints + crazy postcard + private diary
29,00 €
I will take several photos in Naples, the very best will be printed ( 13x18 cm - Fuji Crystal Archive DPII). You will receive five printed photos, one crazy customized postcard, free access to my private diary and you'll join the supporters on my blog! What else?
29,00 €
5 Prints +  EVERYTHING
49,00 €

I will dedicate one day in Naples to you. Means that you will decide where to go, what to see and what to do. I will basically be your eyes.  You also receive free access to my private diary, you'll join the supporters on my blog and you'll receive a crazy customized postcard!

99,00 €
49,00 €
I will be your eyes


Take part in this project!


As I already told you on Instagram, Naples's one of the craziest city in the world. I love that city so much that I was planning to move there for a while. Then, the pandemic changed all my plans, I'm broke and next week I will turn 30 for the first time in my life.

So what?

So I really would like to spend some days (maybe weeks, who knows) in Naples to show you how mindblowing that city could be. And I wanna take you with me!

I will share with you all the photos, videos and thoughts on:

  • Instagram (Posts and stories)

  • My blog

  • My private diary

Remember what I did in Istanbul last year? Or what I did during the quarantine? Well... Something like this, but in Naples!

So what do I need?

I basically need a budget to:

  • Buy the cheapest train ticket to Naples

  • Rent the shittiest room on Airbnb or so

  • Eat pizza everyday

To give you an idea of how long I could stay, Naples is quite cheap and with a couple of hundred € I could go for a weekend. Anyway, every € will be spent on this, I won't earn anything!  So... I don't know how long could I stay there, it depends on how much money we will raise with this campaign, so... Contribute!

What do you get?

Depending on your donation, you'll receive:

  • A big thank you

  • A postcard of one of my photos with a dedication

  • Prints

  • Free access on my private diary

  • Join the supporter page of the blog


You really need a "why" to discover Naples?

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Take part in this project!

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