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Education, work and personal projects

I was born in 1990 in a small village in central Italy. I started when I was a child, I graduated in Cinema and Visual Arts at Rome3 University and specialised in Editing and Writing. During the last ten years, I lived in Rome, Barcelona, Budapest, Beijing, Bruxelles, Dublin among others. At now my life is divided in two: my job and my personal projects.

I'm a photographer specialized in web content for companies and enterprises. I create, cure and manage custom-made digital content to increase my client's business. Marketing and social media management help me create effective content.  I stay updated with the main changes in the digital world.

My personal projects concerns life in big cities, the aim of my work is to capture the ancestral and archetypical essence of existence nowadays eclipsed by the complexity of our society. Primitive needs, elementary emotions, simple situations are the subjects of my photographs.


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